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$6M Investment in Montage Fuels Continued Innovation and Growth

Montage, the leading provider of purpose-built video interviewing technology to the Global 5000 has received an additional $6 Million in funding lead by Beringea. Additional investors include Baird Capital, GCI, and Calumet Venture Fund.  

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Allium Finds that Salesforce.com Check Ups Deliver Results


Allium is actively working with organizations of all sizes to fuel the insights and oversight gained from Salesforce.com. The outcomes are improved sales, smarter business decisions, and stronger relationships with customers and prospects.

Allium knows all the tricks.  Aligning and managing sales strategy to data mapping, process, reporting, and security can be a challenge.  So often a company finds their sales folks resorting back to Excel spreadsheets and one-off solutions. Allium works closely with clients to make sure that does not happen. Allium's Salesforce.com Check Ups


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5 Questions to Assess Security and Privacy Exposure

Security and privacy issues can crush a business and its reputation in a moment.

Organizations need to diagnose their risk. Easy to say, hard to do.Where should you start? Check your business risk with these 5 questions developed by the experts of Allium Healthcare.

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Innovative Game from High Voltage Software, A GCI portfolio comapny



The reviews are outstanding for Le Vamp, the new mobile game developed by High Voltage Software. 

High Voltage Software’s 20 years of success as an independent video game developer continues.  HVS is known for its action-oriented games and cutting edge video game development for next generation platforms. Their innovation and creativity continues with the new mobile game called Le Vamp.

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JumpSeat by Sedia Systems Changes the Market

Who could have imagined an auditorium filled with “Jump Seats” would be comfortable, durable, beautiful, and award winning.  Sedia Systems that’s who!

Sedia Systems has proven they have the imagination, vision, and manufacturing expertise by offering the widest range of fixed seating in the industry.   Educational institutions, hospitals and corporations rely on Sedia Systems when they want a balanced environment by integrating today's demanding requirements with cutting edge, contemporary design to furnish a lecture hall, classroom, auditorium, training room or reception area.

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GCI Proudly Supports Pegasus TransTech

GCI Portfolio company Pegasus TransTech is recognized as Small Business of the Year.

The recent recognition of Pegasus TransTech as the 2012 Small Business of the Year award from the Tampa Chamber of Commerce is acknowledgment of the type of company that GCI chooses to invest.

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Leave the Clipboard in the Van: Solving Field Service Paper Issues

Leave the Clipboard in the Van: Solving the Paper Problem for Field Service

Why do mobile field technicians use clipboards when a smartphone is in their pocket?

Businesses have for decades invested heavily in tools and equipment to improve plant, warehouse, store and office-based worker productivity.  Those businesses with mobile field workers outside of the office, however, particularly those involved in service, repair, renovation and safety inspection work, continue to leave their workers with clipboards and paper; in other words, woefully ill-equipped and inefficient. 

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